Use 80 columns, please

On 2014/08/04, in rant, signal, webdev, by ixab

I’m seeing a sad-making trend in code these days.  The kids are thinking ‘My editor soft wraps, I won’t bother obeying the rule of breaking my lines of code at 80 columns’.

Well, here is what happens:



As you can see, if I go to look at your code in GitHub, I’m a bit screwed. I have to do a horizontal scroll figgery-fiddle to actually read it.  This goes double for the helpful documentation you included.  The whole point of sharing code is that other people can access it. If I can’t read your code, I can help fix all your bugs.

Just set a column marker and hard wrap, people.  It might slow you down a tick, but it will make your code more readable


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