OSX Reminder FAIL

On 2014/05/08, in osx, rant, signal, by ixab

Calendar reminders… they are sort of important.  So why (oh why, for jeepers christmas hopping on a crutch) would Apple break them so badly in OSX 10.9, and then leave them broken for multiple releases?

Because Apple does not care about you or your little problems.  If they did, the would bring back the ability to vary the snooze time per notification.  Without that, snooze is this weird black box.  How long will it snooze for? Nobody knows.  Without a useful snooze, reminders are dismissed before the meeting.  Then work resumes, time travel ensues, and next thing you know you’re 28 minutes late for a 30 minute meeting.

A secondary problem is that calendar reminders appear in the same place as all the other noise from the notification center thingy.  On a 30″ monitor, that’s somewhere over in the left hand corner of the room, next to the filing cabinet, by that old chair with a bunch of stuff piled on it.  I get about 200 notifications an hour, so I’m a little numb to things flipping about over there.

It’s criminal.  Also, there are no good fixes, third party or otherwise.  It’s just broken, and nobody cares.


I have discovered that a long click on the ‘Snooze’ button reveals the feature I thought missing.  Has this been there all along?  I have never seen it documented.  Maybe it’s just too obvious, though I have to say that’s not terribly intuitive.

Yay for snooze options!  Now all I need is placement that is not within or otherwise identical to the rest of the notification noise.



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