impress.js with substeps

On 2013/04/10, in html, signal, webdev, by a b

I have to give a presentation. Being a code guy, I’m using impress.js instead of Keynote or those other things.

In addition to the magical steps provided in impress.js, I also want substeps, which are apparently ‘powerpointish‘, but I want them anyway. What’s a code guy to do? Add them yourself!

My fork on github implements the elusive, gentle, and often misunderstood substep. You can try them out in the demo presentation I made.

I will likely pull request this back to impress.js, but I’m not the first to try, so I’m not holding my breath on getting merged.

Hopefully someone else gets some use from this! Ping me on github if you have questions or comments.

EDIT: I submitted a pull request. Not optimistic, but it was a good learning experience:


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