Devise RTFM

On 2013/03/06, in rails, ruby, signal, by a b

I was just setting up a Rails project with Devise and ended up frustrated. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the login page to show. I just kept seeing the stupid default Rails page. I was ready to cry, and was about to pitch all my code and start completely over.

Then I read the default rails page, and noticed the bit where it says “Set up a default route and remove public/index.html”.




You know what happens if you don’t remove public/index.html? You waste quite a few brain cells wondering why your default root doesn’t load, and why Devise isn’t working.

Man, do I feel dumb. Lesson learned; RTFM, and read the placeholder blah blah blah default pages for tricky code things you’re installing, since there’s noob advice on there that you might not be remembering if you haven’t done noob stuff in a while.


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