Let’s do cocaine!

On 2013/01/07, in html, rails, signal, webdev, by a b

As it turns out, I have a cocaine problem. I found this out on Stackoverflow. Such is my life.

I’m trying to build and run a complex Rails project that has been collecting dust for about a year. The stack includes Backbone, Devise, FactoryGirl, Paperclip, Plupload, Imagemagick, and about 47 other things. It had been a slog, but I was through ‘bundle install’, had somehow survived ‘rake db:migrate’, and was now attempting ‘rake db:seed’.

Then, all the party time fun came crashing down.

rake aborted!
Validation failed: Data /path/to/foo.png is not recognized by the 'identify' command.

Oh, noes. Lucky for me, stackoverflow exists and people use it. They figured that paperclip had a dependency on cocaine, and the new cocaine API breaks paperclip. Thanks, smart people! What might of took me a long time to resolve was a few google clicks away.

I put my gemfile into rehab:

gem "cocaine", "0.3.2"

You would never guess that you can fix a cocaine problem by simply using older cocaine, but there it is. We learn something every day.


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