OSX: sleep ferchrissakes

On 2012/11/05, in osx, by a b

The war continues.  My trackpad and keyboard are no longer waking up my Mac Mini 20 minutes after I walk away, which is progress.  However, something else is poking the mini awake.  I pulled the LAN cable, and the waking stopped.  Plugged it back in and turned off the wake on network access, and again, it stays asleep.  I Next I turned ‘wake on network access’ back on, but turned off every other device on the network, and also turned off file sharing, web sharing, remote access, and all the other sharing services.  The mini has stayed asleep.  Today, we have most of the devices back on the network.  They’re almost all Apple, except for a couple Android devices (sorry, Microsoft).  However… the waking has resumed.

The problem is that any sort of sharing on the network means that the mini occasionally has to wake up, to know what it’s offering to others on the network. There are some solutions to this, but they’re pretty hacky. There are also solutions to keep the drives from spinning down, with the assumption that starting and stopping is more wear than continuous spinning. I’m thinking I’ll try that next.

So, in the end, it seems this idea of a nearly always asleep drive depends a lot on not having shared folders on that drive, excluding it from the spotlight index, and not having Time Machine use that drive for backup. Sadly, I would like to do all three of those, so it’s time to find a quieter drive, and maybe force it to stay spun up.


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