New MBP, Lion WTF, etc

On 2012/09/06, in rant, by a b

Yay: I got a new MBP. It’s the 15.4″ MacBook Pro Retina, with 16GB ram, a 512GB SSD, running the 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 CPU with Ivy Bridge and a 6 MB L3 Cache, the NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB graphics, and OS X 10.8.1 Mountain Lion in the house.

This thing can surf the crap out of 4Chan, /b/rothers. With 4 hyperthreading cores and 16GB of ram, I’m pretty sure I could use it as a log chipper and it wouldn’t get the fans to come on. I’m excited to get Premier Pro working and watch it fly. Also, this is my first SDD. I knew they were fast, but it just blows me away. Photoshop starts in 4 seconds, it’s a little weird. I used to start PS or Eclipse, and use the little break to run and pee. I’ll have to bring a cup to my desk for that, I guess.

There’s a few bits of derp I’ve been sorting out. Most are related to Mountain Lion. Here’s my list:

Magsafe2: not a major thing, but slightly annoying that I have to get adapters to my Magsafe power supplies. I do like the super slim chassis, so I’m willing to STFU on this one.

Glossy: My machine has a glossy display. I wish it didn’t. Hey, Apple: yes, glossy looks better, if you’re working in a completely windowless room with no lights on. Sadly, most of us have to leave our mom’s basement once in a while. Please stop putting the high-gloss screen on everything? K, thx.

Thunderbolt: I hope like heck this gets wider adoption. Right now choices for external drives are pretty slim. At least there’s still 2 USB ports, rocking 3.0, which is nice. I’m stoked to try and drive 4 monitors – as soon as I win the lottery, and can afford 3 more monitors.

Trackpad: the same deal, but the ‘drag lock’ option is now hidden under Universal Access. Why Apple decides to hide perfectly useful things is God’s own private mystery, but at least it’s still there. I also had to switch the Keyboard > “All Controls” flag myself. So, Apple hides some not-stupid things, doesn’t fix other stupid things? D-E-R-P.

OSX Hand-holding: There’s more dumbing down, security nags, hiding things, etc. I guess that’s to be expected. It also pushes you deep into Apple’s world with iCloud, AppStore, and a bunch of other integration points. It’s a little scary, especially after reading how easy it is to hack an AppleId. Word up, kids: Use multifactor auth on any account that will let you (thanks Goog!), watch what back up email you use, and maybe use a unique credit card for the AppStore if you have that option.

Notification Center: This seems a bit like a solution that’s looking for a problem, but seems to stay out of the way. It *hates* the metallic linen background texture that’s everywhere in Lion. Sorry, Apple, that got changed in the first 10 minutes that my MBP was powered on.

Launchpad: If you don’t use Alfred (or Quicksilver, or Spotlight), I’m not sure what is wrong with you. I put the Dock on the far right side, make it tiny, hide it, and never look back. Launchpad seems to be aimed at people too dumb to even understand the Dock? Maybe I’m missing the point.

Dashboard: again, not sure I get the need for this. Disabled immediately, just like Snow Leopard, Leopard, and Tiger.

Mission Control: Nice to link that name to Launchpad, but they also kind of ruined Spaces and Expose. WTF, Apple? Ever heard the expression “If it ain’t broke, back the hell off”? I did take a few of the tips from Lifehacker to make it more usable. Setting where each app opens via the Dock context menus also helps.

Adium: isn’t supported. Critical Boo; I check daily to see if that’s changed. Messages is terrible.

Mail and Calendar: Faux leather? Really? I downloaded a little hacking util to get rid of that. The changes to Mail are a little frustrating, I can’t seem to get reading preview on the bottom anymore. I also had to manually configure the lookup for contacts when composing, which I didn’t before. Some meh moments, but no show stoppers.

Adobe Creative Cloud: I don’t have much to share yet, so that aspect is a little lost on me. Installing apps has been surprisingly magical. I know, I shouldn’t be a pessimist. I was waiting for the horrible installer, and possibly some secret bundle of a tool bar or some virus scanner crapware. Nothing like that happened. I just clicked ‘install’ next to PS, FW, Acrobat, etc. I waited a quite reasonable amount of time, and the apps installed. That was it. No drama; just CS6 software, from the cloud to me, with love.

Web Sharing: this option is gone from preferences. Made me a tiny bit nerd sad, but then again, it pretty easy to get going manually. That means the Terminal and configuration files, which made me nerd happy, so it’s a wash. One derp was Apache’s DocumentRoot is now set to /Library/WebServer/Documents. Just add ‘FollowSymLinks’ to your user config, and map from there to anywhere you want. Or, change it http.conf if you’d rather. Otherwise, no drama there.

/User Information: This is a symlink to /Library/Documentation/User Information.localized. sudo rm /User\ Information takes care of that, then trying to cd to /Users/… will autocomplete as it should. This never turned up on my 10.x machines. I wonder why Apple stuck that there, but I wonder why Apple does a lot of stupid things.

There’s probably other stuff that I’m forgetting. I’ll update this as I go. Mostly, though, I’m having fun and glad this MBP is mine. It’s is stupid-fast, and I’m still a big OSX fan, for sure.


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