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On 2012/09/12, in webdev, by a b

I just had to set up Jenkins to use GitHub. My notes (to myself, mostly):

Detailed Instructions
For setting up Jenkins to build GitHub projects. This assumes some ability to manage Jenkins, use the command line, set up a utility LDAP account, etc. Please share or improve this Gist as needed.

Install Jenkins Plugins
– get both the git and github plugin

Make a Utility Account in the GitHub (optional)
– This would keep your identity separate from your Jenkins server
– Helpful if Jenkins runs under a different user

On the Jenkins server (optional)
– If Jenkins does run as different user, set this up on your server
– Set git and global config options.
– ‘git config –global JENKINS_USERNAME’
– This should match the GitHub utility account username and email address

Generate rsa key pair on your Jenkins server
– Log into the server as the user that Jenkins runs under
– Using command line, change directory to ~/.ssh
– Generate key with ‘ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ‘JENKINS_USERNAME@WHATEVER_HOSTNAME”
– Note that -C comment is optional, just helps you identify the public key later
– Do NOT use a passphrase for the keygen
– Init with ‘ssh -v’
– Reply ‘yes’ to add known host
– Copy contents of public key
– There’s more reading about this on GitHub

Update the GitHub Account for Jenkins
– Register utility user with
– Log in the utility account
– Go to Account Settings > SSH Keys
– Add the contents of the public key from your server

Configure Jenkins
– Make sure the Manage Jenkins > Configure System has the right path to git
– Set the global git and to match your global config options
– Configure GitHub Web Hook to Manually manage hook urls
– Click the (?) icon next to the manual option and copy the hook URL you see there
– Optionally set the service account email as the Jenkins sender email address

Configure Github Project
– Log into Github as the owner or collaborator of a repo
– Click the Admin button for that repo
– Select ‘Service Hooks’ in the left column
– Select ‘Jenkins (Github plugin)’ in the Available Service Hooks column
– Add the service hook URL for your server
you might find the URL in the GitHub Web Hook > Manual setting (?) help text
– Check the ‘Active’ checkbox

Create a Jenkins job
– In the general options, add the URL to the github project
eg ‘’
– Under Source Code Management, select Git
– For the repository URL, enter the SSH URL for your project
this is found by toggling the HTTP/SSH button to the right of
the URL field on the repo home page in GitHub
eg ‘’
– Under Build Triggers, check the “Build when a change is pushed to GitHub”
– Add other build task (running Grunt, or Ant, or scary Maven stuff, or whatever)



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