XCode Organizer FTW

On 2012/05/23, in rant, by a b

Both IDEA and FlashBuilder have a somewhat janky flow when trying to build, test, and debug an iOS packaged AIR mobile app.  The process goes something like this: open the app.ipa file in iTunes, confirm you want to replace the old one, delete off the device, sync, open on the device, and hope the debugger connects.  I was recently informed that XCode is good for something besides making me cry.  If the Organizer window is open, you can take iTunes out of the above process.  Even better, this eliminates the steps for confirming you want to overwrite, and deleting app off the device.  Organizer handles both of those silently.  All that’s needed is drag from finder to Organizer and drop onto to the device, watch the little status light turn yellow as the sync happens, and then green when the existing app is close and overwritten.


That doesn’t make life a lot easier, but every little bit helps.


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