p4 changes between changelists

On 2012/04/04, in rant, by a b

So… I hate Perforce.  I really do.  It’s crap.

For example, it’s a super hassle to list all the changes submitted between two changelists.  There is a p4 changes command, but the syntax is … derp.  What I wanted was all the changes between changelist X and Y.  Then I realized Y was basically ‘right now’, so I adjusted my target a little. After much guessing, I figured out all the changes between changelist X and now, excluding pending:

p4 changes -s submitted //depot/path/whatever/…’@>X’

Assuming X is a known changelist number, that would get you everything from X to now.  Probably you could change the end of that to be @X,@Y and get between X and Y.  I’m not sure, but if I find out, I’ll tell ya ;)







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