OSX: please stay asleep

On 2012/04/12, in rant, by a b

I’m waging war against insomnia on my Mac Mini.  First, I wanted to get it to leave the 1TB external drive alone.   I’m pretty sure I solved this by telling Spotlight to stop indexing the external drive.  Now, on to the next battle: The mini keeps waking itself up, and that makes me itchy.  Turns out this wasn’t too hard to research.  Randomly waking is pretty common, and suggested solutions are not hard to come by.

My mini is in the living room, and to keep things authentically pleasing we have a Bluetooth track pad and keyboard.  A ‘feature’ of these peripherals is they put themselves to sleep, to save battery power.  Sadly, OSX sees this as a disconnect.  I have no idea why this makes sense to anyone, but OSX wakes up if a peripheral disconnects.  The solution to this (with Bluetooth, anyway) is to go into the Bluetooth perferences and click Advanced.  There you will see the checkbox that allows Bluetooth devices to wake up the computer.

I will admit, this isn’t ideal.  It’s nice plop my fat ass on the couch, tap the keyboard on the coffee table, and have the mini play me an episode of Girls Bravo.  However, I can pretty easily walk over to the mini itself, and push the power button to wake it up, so I’ll probably survive.  Hopefully this will be the last thing, though I’m still leaving ‘wake on LAN’ active, which has potential to torment the mini with insomnia as well.


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