OSX: let sleeping drives sleep

On 2012/04/11, in osx, signal, by a b

I have a Mac Min (4.1) plugged into the 42″ thought-killing machine in our living room.  Attached is a 1TB external drive, handy for tunes, torrents, etc.  In quiet moments, I would notice the drive spin up, even when the mini was asleep, probably every 15-20 minutes or so.  Strange?  No!  This is a common problem with OSX.  I did some research.  I wasn’t crazy with the suggestion of keeping the drive awake permanently as a solution.  That’s better than cycling, but didn’t solve the mystery of why it was spinning up.  Somewhere along the way, I came across the suggestion that Spotlight could be indexing the drive.  You can disable indexing in System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy, by adding resources you want to blacklist.  I’ve tried this, and it seemed to be the fix for me.  I also found another post that describes how to set the fseventsd process to not log activity on external drives.  I might try that next, if the Privacy setting isn’t enough.

Now sleep!


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