IDEA 11 support for ANE development

On 2012/04/06, in rant, by a b

I maybe mentioned before using Jetbrains IDEA 11 for ActionScript development?  While I’m not a fan of bloatware in general, this particular bloatware usually makes my life easier.  Sadly, right now I require an IDE with support for Adobe AIR and Application Navtive Extensions. That’s sorely lacking in IDEA 11.  I have no way to package or debug to a device from the IDEA.  While this would not be a disaster (I can use buildsupport and Ant), not being able to add .ane files as dependencies in mobile projects means I can’t even compile and run in the IDEA, period.

Lucky for me (and you if you’re stuck in a simular situation), I have found a workaround or two that at least gets things to compile and and run in a simulator.

One hack is to change the file name for an ANE from .ane to .swc. This seem to allow the ANE to be added as a library dependency for a Flex/AS module, allowing IDE auto complete etc.


In addition, I created a compiler config extension file as such:

<external-library-path append=”true”>

Adding this by going to Module > Build Config > Compiler Options > Additional Compiler Configuration File >  and selecting the config.xml you just made.

More about using buildsupport to package when I get a chance.


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