Over the last 10,ooo years of my career, I’ve come across a lot of different Ant scripts.  These all did various, magical things.  I recently needed a build setup for a new project (Actionscript, AIR, mobile), and found was unhappy with the various scraps of Ant I had laying round. They were scattered about my MacBook, and none were quite universally magical enough to easily plug into my project.  I was further saddened by the lack of a nice resource for this sort of thing online.  There are lots more scraps and blog entries telling me how other kids built THEIR project, but nothing about how to build MY project.

I rounded up all my scraps, base macros, property imports, and various useful targets, and made a buildsupport repo to keep it all straight.  Then I decided I’d like to share this with the world, ’cause maybe others can re-use some of the same tools.


Hope someone finds it useful, or even better, fixes my mistakes!


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