On 2011/03/03, in rant, by a b

I just got the following error message on a website:

* Please verify the telephone number/ext. is at least ten numbers and does not include any spaces dashes or parentheses.

Seriously? It’s one thing to do validation on a form. It’s another thing to pass back to the user simple tasks that your website should be able to handle. I entered a perfectly valid phone number. You need it cleaned to put it in your database. Whose’s problem should that be? Not mine – I’m not a database.

The number of just deplorable websites out there never ceases to amaze me. It’s also amazing just how much bad user experience is simple accepted as a fact of life, especially with customer servicing sites.

Hey, corporate web developers: Learn some freakin’ JavaScript. You could probably strip out the undesired characters in less code that it took to display the message.


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