gmail filter OR

On 2011/03/04, in signal, by a b

We get this daily update email from our daycare. I goes to my wife’s GMail, but I wanted the email forwarded daily to me as well. Use a mail filter, right?

This is a little tricky, because subject is variable. Due to eccentricities too elaborate to expand on here, the subject could be ‘update’, ‘up date’, ‘updates’ or ‘up dates’. Ready for a regex? Not so fast – gmail has it’s own special operators that it claims to support. However, I tried using ‘OR’ as they suggest, with no luck.

What does any good programmer do when you RTFM and it doesn’t work? You try whatever other random thing that pops into your head, of course. Turns out you can use the standard || operator, at least in the subject criteria field.

My string ended up being “update || up date || up dates || updates”. Using wildcards didn’t seem to work, but whatever. I wonder what other undocumented operators would work?


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