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On 2011/01/31, in signal, webdev, by a b

macbook spec
Sort of old news, but in December I switched to a new job within Adobe. With that came a spanky new MacBook Pro. It’s a unibody, quad-core, 2.66GHz i7 ass kicker, with 8GB of DDR3 and a 500GB drive. I’ve gone back to 15″, mainly to save weight when commuting. I hopefully I won’t spend too much time away from a big screen, at least while developing. Here is my quick list of everything a body needs to make a MPB home, with and ActionScript developer bias:

– Adium
– Vox (good luck uninstalling iTunes…)
– TextMate
– Eclipse (Helios 3.6, 32bit Coco is required by FlashBuilder)
– FlashBuilder plugin (4.5/Burrito)
– Apple Developer Tools
– Adobe CS5 Web Premium (actually, I installed Master Collection, since the price was right…)
– Adobe Lightroom
– P4V (sadly, Perforce is a standard at work)
– Google Chrome
– VMWare Fusion
– MS RDC Client
– Transmit FTP
– Charles Proxy
– Onyx
– Quicksilver
– Skitch
– Fluid
– InsomniaX
– MusicBrainz Picard
– Max (audio ripping)
– UnRarX
– Ant
– of course, I also copy over my .bash_profile, all the crazy scripts in my bin folder, my moozac library, some pictures of the fam, etc.

That’s the short list. There’s about 100 tweaks I like to put in place (shut down Dashboard, boot to 64bit, etc), but I don’t think I can list them all now. Maybe I’ll edit this post later, as I think of things, or if I have some insomnia or something…


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