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On 2010/07/15, in noise, by a b

Uh… yeah.

So, I am one of *those* people.  I am heavily involved in the web.  It’s my daily grist.  And I love the web.  A lots. My laptop’s hostname is ‘cheezburgr’, okay?

But, I kind of lame out on a lot of the web stuff.  I’m not a social networker.  Friendster drove me batty, Facebook scares me.   I don’t tweet.  I get why people do, but I think it’s a solution that’s looking for a problem.  I was a flickr early adopter, but it got annoying, and I decided to stop paying for it.

And I don’t blog.

Well, that’s a lie.  I’ve poured my heart and soul into a livejournal.  I romped and trolled on blather.  I still subscribe to about 400 RSS feeds. I spy on IRC channels. I buzz xkcd when it makes me laugh out loud.  I am Anonymous Coward.

So, the thing is … I like to rant. And I like to figure stuff out, and then share it, so other people don’t have to figure it out as well.  I get a lot of stuff for free on the net, and I’d like to give some things back.  I take trips on my motorcycles, and I like to write about them.

That’s what I’ll probably do here.  I have this other blog, a work blog.  It’s lame.  I’ll probably cross post the not-lame stuff here.

Or maybe I won’t?  We’ll see.


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