On 2015/01/09, in rant, by ixab

Waiting for …

1) npm to do basically anything
2) grunt’s apis to make sense
3) github to work over VPN
4) jenkins configuration to load
5) someone who is away on IM
6) slackbot to stop sassing me
7) twitter cross from noise into signal
8) ello to save me from facebook
9) the weekend so I can stop looking at screens
10) all of the above


Enterprise Github

On 2014/11/11, in rant, by ixab

Extreme nerd alert: I’m excited about Github Enterprise 2.0.

I think that’s all that needs to be said.


Testing IE is like flossing your teeth

On 2014/11/05, in rant, by ixab

You have to do it, and often, even if it makes you bleed a little.

Use this:



On 2014/10/29, in rant, by ixab

I just got off the phone with a ‘public opinion survey’. Interestingly, most of the survey went like this:

“Would you be more or less likely to vote for <DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE> if you knew <SOME THING THE DEMOCRAT DID, EXPLAINED IN A NEGATIVE WAY>?”.

Next question:
“Would you be more or less likely to vote for <REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE> if you knew <SOME THING THE REPUBLICAN DID, EXPLAINED IN A POSITIVE WAY>?”.

Wow. So much for getting public opinion. I’m not pointing a finger here, because maybe Dems are doing something equally shady. This does help to lower my overall view of honesty in the political process. Which was already pretty dang low.


Uh, oh….

On 2014/09/26, in rant, by ixab

Buckle up, everybody. Looks like Shell Shock is going to make for a wild ride.

I made this just for the occasion. I figure I should share before the internet collapses in on itself:



Test Irony Level

On 2014/09/08, in noise, by ixab

English Test ABC has a lot to offer, especially if you love irony.

Test English (Level A,B,C)
by Thanh Vu Truong

Learn, Test English ANYWHERE, ANY TIME

The Test English Level is a collection of question test in level A,B,C . It contains about 4000 English lessons (20 questions per test plus answer keys…

It’s probably me rotten how funny I am for this.